Differences in behavior between PIE and Standalone Game?

I have a custom game mode, player controller, and pawn. These are set as default in Maps & Modes. I have a lot of actors that move each tick based on properties set in the player controller (grabbed with Get Player Controller 0 and a cast). When I play in editor or simulate, everything works as expected (these actors are moving), but when I play as a Standalone Game, nothing is moving. I’m not really sure how to see any potential errors in the Standalone Game, either.

Also, Standalone Game has worked in the past, fairly recently and with most of these actors unchanged. I wish I knew exactly when it stopped working.


Have you found a solution to this yet? We are facing a deadline, and are having the exact same problem.

I dug a bit deeper and found that it was happening when I was using certain casting nodes: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/26884/blueprint-cast-node-causes-actor-to-disappear-in-s.html

While I suspect that this was due to circular dependencies in my blueprints I never really nailed it down and wound up recreating classes in C++. Things worked fine from there on, but I don’t know exactly why my blueprints were failing, unfortunately.