Difference of callable functions.

I can call “Set Physics Linear Velocity” in a Level Blueprint.

But I can’t call it in a Blueprint of an actor.

And When I searched nodes with a word “velocity” in a Level Blueprint, many nodes involving Physics are suggested.

But When I did same thing in a Blueprint of an actor, just a few nodes are suggested.

Why is there difference of callable functions between Level Blueprint and Blueprint of an actor.

And in this tutorial video(, the speaker uses “Set Physics Linear Velocity” node is a Blueprint of an actor.

How can I do that?

There is a lot of difference in the kinds of nodes you can call depending on your coding environment ( blueprint actor, level blueprint, character blueprint etc ). But in this case it’s just because you have context sensitive on:


So, either you need this unticked, or you need to drag a pin from a reference which is capable of accepting physics velocity.

Thank you for replying!

I made “Content Sensitive” off. And the result of search with the word “velocity” in a Blueprint of an Actor is below.


The one in a Level Blueprint is below.


More nodes are suggested in a Level Blueprint!

I checked which nodes exist under the category “Physics” in both Blueprint.

But I couldn’t find “Set Physics Linear Velocity”, “Get Physics Linear Velocity” and so on in Actor’s Blueprint.

Could it be a bug?

My UE4 is Version: 4.24.3-11590370+++UE4+Release-4.24.

Please help me !

Sorry about the delay. You need to quote people, otherwise they don’t know you have answered.

In the levelBP you need content sensitive off, in the actor BP you need it on. Then you have all your nodes…

Thank you, and I’m sorry for not to quote.

And I still can’t find “Set Physics Linear Velocity” even if content sensitive is enabled…

Are there any other way to add physical speed to an Actor when it’s spawned?

What I’m trying to do and the tutorial video( indicates is to set Actor’s speed by using “Set Physics Linear Velocity” in Construction Script.

I could find “Set Physics Linear Velocity” in Event Graph, but I can’t in Construction Script…

Are there any alternative nodes which can be used in Construction Script?

Ah - construction script, different thing again. You can only put things in there to do with the initial setup. Physics velocity needs ‘tick’ which means it can’t live there. It has to go in the main graph :slight_smile:

Oh Really? But the node seems to have been available even in ConstructionScript. How should I do in order to set the speed when the actor is spawn in current version?

Uh, apparently it is then :), but many nodes are not.

Like I say, construction script is only for initial setup. Physics is better off in the main event graph. Anyway, if you have it in construction, then you defintely have it in the event graph…

Using BeginPlay instead of Construction Script, I implemented what I want to do!

Thank you for answering!