Difference between Unreal Engine files from launcher and the one from GitHub

I’ve a question, that is following another question I’ve asked a few days ago. I was looking to compile files for a ARM linux platform, which is quite complicated with UE4. After some steps done, I still need to modify a file in a folder called " UnrealBuildTool " However, even after a fresh install of Visual Studio with all options installed, + a fresh install of Unreal Engine 4, I can’t seem to find the folder. My files are not the same than the ones on GitHub ( see the picture ). I can compile just fine for windows or Linux 64 but without this modification I can’t do it for my raspberry pi.

Any idea why it is happening and maybe what can I do to get all the files so I can finally compile my project for an ARM Linux ?

It seems that you‘re having a luancher and installed 4.11.I‘m looking for a way to make github-ue4 working as it.I CAN’T find something useful about UBT too