Difference between TriggerVolume and TriggerBox

What are the differences and use cases for both?

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A TriggerBox is used inside blueprints as a component of the blueprint. As such it will affect each instance of the blueprint throughout a level. For instance if you add a TriggerBox component to a blueprint for a door and set it so that the door opens whenever you enter the TriggerBox, then anywhere you use that door blueprint it will have the behavior of opening the door when you get close to it.

Trigger Volumes are similar in that you can use them to drive events whenever you enter or exit the volume, however they are specific to where they are placed. So you could use a trigger volume to control a door, however you would need to use a second volume with it’s own set of instructions (setup either in the level blueprint or in code) if you wanted a different door to do the same thing.

Hope this helps explain the uses of each of these features.


the discussion here makes much more sense: