Difference Between Tick, TickActor and ReceiveTick

Hi guys;

It is me again. As I was reading through the source code of Actor I came to the realization that there are 3 functions related to Tick
1.- Tick
2.- TickActor
3.- ReceiveTick
I plan on using this engine to work on my thesis project and was wondering which of the tick functions is the most appropriate to simulate forces of bonds formed between two actors

good question, I would also like to know.

me2, so +1

Tick is the actual tick function.
TickActor is the function that calls Tick, which in return is called by ExecuteTick. No need to worry about what happens further up than that.

ReceiveTick is blueprint specific.
It’s called from Actor::Tick().

To clarify. You should override Tick in your actors.

Thanks! I eventually found that out which one to override after poking around some.

What about for UActorComponent? That has no Tick function. Should we override TickComponent there and not ReceiveTick?