Difference between pre and post standalone compile

Hi all, well I was challenged to make a DHD from stargate and make it dial seperate gates. It all works in editor (the fact it works and I created it myself without following tutorials is amazing), but it doesn’t work when its compiled, I get no errors during the build (via log), the DHD works fine but the teleport just seems to ignore any interaction.

These are what I have, sorry about how detailed they are (I can post better pictures if need be), oh and please suggest any improvements I can make (the keypress checker I plan on improving).

This is the image of the level (its only for testing)

The DHD, which is working both in editor and standalone

This is the blueprint for the DHD, each button is a component (its very long winded but I think I can make it more efficient later)

Teleport Blueprint, this is given the address from the DHD via a target blueprint which sets the address (a string)

I’ve solved the problem, I was trying to use a copy of the teleport as the teleport target and it was failing. I’m now reference a target point for each “gate”. However I’m still confused as to why the editor would work fine the old way but once compiled it wouldn’t.

Anyone have any idea?