Difference between launch project and package project for Oculus Quest/Android, 4.27

Hello everyone,

Not sure if anyone can help me here, but I have a project (using Unreal 4.27.2) where I want to push files to my Oculus Quest 1 at runtime.

When I have my Oculus quest plugged in my computer and I use the “launch” button from the Unreal editor, I’m able to make everything work.
Using this method, the editor creates a folder in “sdcard/UE4Game/ProjectName/ProjectName/Content/” on the Oculus where I can see the project files using “adb shell ls sdcard/UE4Game/ProjectName/ProjectName/” and push files at runtime (using adb) that aren’t included in the Unreal project when I launch it. The program running on the Oculus is able to see the files I push while it is running and everything works fine.

The problem occurs when I try to package the project and use the Install_ProjectName-armv7.bat generated by Unreal. When I use the install script, the folder that was previously created (sdcard/UE4Game/ProjectName/ProjectName/Content/) is now gone. I’ve tried figuring out if the folder was simply put some other location, but I can’t find anything. I have also tried to print the Content folder path from inside the app to see where it would be, but I can’t get it to show an absolute path.

I want to point out that this project is for internal use only and I have no intention of ever publishing it on any store, so having the app read an external folder with all the project files works fine for me, even if that’s something that might not fly on a published app.

So does anyone have any idea how I could make it so I can push files to the Oculus Quest at runtime and have the app see them while using the packaged apk/isntall script? I’m trying to avoid having to install Unreal, set it up with all the right Android sdk/ndk/java versions just so I can use the “launch” function to install the apk on an Oculus Quest from a different computer.

Anyone have any experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.