Difference between InputAxis LookUp and InputAxis LookUpRate?

I’m watching the tutorial here: - YouTube in which gamepad control is set up. Are there any differences I should be aware of between InputAxis nodes with “rate” labeled on them and normal ones? I don’t really understand the difference in terms of what they do. I always thought that the InputAxes for the mouse would also work on gamepads, but I suppose not. Why do the gamepad axes need to be multiplied, while mouse ones do not?

The comparison (ThirdPersonCharacter Example Blueprint):

I believe MouseInput is exactly 1 of 3 values. -1, 0, 1.

Gamepad inputs can have differing values within these tolerances depending on how hard the Gamepad is pressed.

But dont quote me on that, i dont dev with Gamepads so im not entirely sure.

@DevilsD 4 years later are you sure about that now? Is it true?

this is correct. KBM outputs -1, 0, 1 … gamepads output -1.00 to 0, 0 to 1.00. You can get values like 0.45 etc.