Difference between event graph and construction script?

I don’t really understand the difference between the two, I’ve used both:

In one example I used the construction script to toggle the visibility of a lamp which is part of the blueprint.
What’s so special about construction script that the above example^^ cannot be done in an event graph?

(Or vice versa)

I’m having so much fun messing around with the engine, and I’m really glad I got it!

Stuff in the construction script happens as soon as the actor exists. So I would use it to set up dynamic textures, or set a random rotation to a tree static mesh. This will show up as soon as you place it in the editor.
Stuff in the event graph doesn’t happen until after you press play, or preview. I would use it to spawn an ambient particle effect, or attach a light to the player’s character when they enter a cave.

The way I understand it is that the construction script fires once when the level starts. It’s not dynamic and having nodes firing off of select logic at different times. It Fires at the beginning only from what I understand.

Notice the Construction Node that’s already there on the graph. I don’t think you can delay or retrigger it, other than starting your level completely over again.

Construction script fires every time you move object or change its properties within editor.

Many thanks!

Is there a way to run the construction script again at the end. For Example Sequence, 1 (do all cool things XD) and 2 - Rerun (AKA rebuild).

Construction Script is a special function that all Actor Blueprints perform when:

  • the Blueprint is first added to the Level
  • there is a change to its properties
  • when the class is spawned at runtime

It is important to note that the Construction Script won’t run on placed Actors when the game starts.