Difference between Build, Rebuild and Compile

Hi there. Is there any difference between “Build” and “Rebuild” in VS and “Compile” in Editor. Does compile calls “Build” or it does it’s own thing?

Build will only compile what is necessary. Rebuild will delete all intermediate files and compile the whole project again. Compile in editor is similar to build but it doesn’t work for every change. Compiling while the editor runs is sometimes also called hot swapping (because it swaps out the dll), but if you make changes to editor properties or anything that is reflected, you need to close the editor and build from VS.

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Ok, thanks. I just was surprised that rebuild works much faster then build or compile, thought that I could be missing something.

Hot reloading can actually take quite some time (pressing build while the editor is running will also hot reload). But if the editor is not running build should actually be faster than rebuild or at least not slower depending on the size of your project.