Difference between Box Trigger and Box Collision?

They both serve the same purpose. Why different names for the same thing?

Because usually “Box Trigger” use catch Trigger Event. It’s not purpose collide other object. But “Box Collision” not same. This is usually determining the limits of the object.





Huh? I am confused. By your description, it still sounds like the same. No?

It’s a C++ thing, so if you want to fully understand how it works, make sure to read the Introduction to C++ Programming. I still try to sum it up, but if you don’t understand, then go to the link, hit ctrl+f for search and use “Gameplay Classes: Objects, Actors, and Components”.

So, your Box Collision is inheriting from Components. You can’t just drag and drop a component into your level. That’s what Actors are for. And you guessed it, Trigger Event is such an Actor. You can place a Trigger Event in your level, but in the end a Trigger Event is made of a Collision Component (ShapeComponent is the code terminology) and has more, a visual representation for example (you can see an arrow with a button in the editor). It also has some other code that your BoxCollision doesn’t have. Basically, you can only attach Collision (any shape) to some actor, otherwise, it just won’t work. <3