Difference between actors placed in level and actors spawned via "Spawn Actor from class" in a BP?

I have an item actor placed in my level. If I step on it and press “E”, it becomes hidden for both the client and server. Works well and good.

If I spawn the same actor VIA “Spawn actor from class” node, suddenly only the server sees it as hidden even though both the client and server are executing a “set actor hidden in game” node.

Is it possible this has something to do with the “owner”? Who owns an actor if I place it in the level as opposed to spawning it in the level BP?

From what you have said it could be to do with either where your spawning it (On client or Server?) and/or how you are triggering the even on all clients.

So firstly just check and see if you are spawning the actor on the server and not on the clients themselves (if you want it to be seen by all players). If you start the level with the actor already placed, it will be owned by the server, which could be the difference you are seing. Secondly, when the even triggers make sure you are using a multicast so ALL server/clients see the change. If both of these are setup correctly, then you should see the change on all the clients :slight_smile:

Feel free to post some BP screenshots if its still an issue.

Ok. Yeah I guess the way I have the BP Setup in the level blueprint, it is probably being executed by both the client and server. The “Hide” node is being executed by a custom multicast event so I don’t think the problem is there. When I get out of work I’ll try making the change so only the server spawns the actor and if it’s still broken I’ll post some BP screenshots.


Ok that worked :slight_smile: Thanks!

No worries! Glad to hear :slight_smile: