Difference between Actor and Actor component

If I need to assign the created Actor C++ class to more than one actor I can use Actor Component or I must first create Actor class then create Actor Component class ?

An actor is an entity that has a transform (location, rotation, scale) and that you can add to a scene.
An actor component, is something you can add to an actor to extend it’s behaviour. Components cannot be added directly to a scene (they don’t have a transform, how could they be added to a scene).
You can attach actors and components to other actors.

Edit: As always, someone correct me if I’m wrong as I’m fairly new to UE

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Actors don’t have a location, rotation or scale. It has a root component (base being SceneComponent), that holds the world position, rotation and scale.

You don’t really attach actors to actors, you attach an actors root component to another actors root component.

Just clarifying :slight_smile: