Diff Against Depot ignores AI controller

I have a character blueprint – if I modify the “AI Controller Class” property in the Pawn category… then compile and save… and try to show differences but it displays nothing has changed.

Right click asset – Source Control – Diff Against Depot

I can modify other fields in the Pawn category and those differences are reported correctly.

Is it possible certain types of properties are not supported? Or (guessing) maybe because this field has a meta DisplayName specification?

It’s already painful that we cannot show-differences natively in Perforce… if the UE4 diff tool is not reliable it is a serious problem.

+1 for an Editor option to use text format for all basic uasset files


I have been able to reproduce your issue, and have entered a bug report (UE-27728). Thank you for your report. I will provide updates on this issue as they become available.

Have a great day