“Diesel Guns” - old school car-combat crossplatforms multiplayer


“Diesel Guns” - is the old-school arcade car combat game like as Twisted Metal, interstate 76, Vigilante 8, San Francisco Rush 2049. Balanced weapons and map: every weapon is unique, and the player have to choose the right moment for each of them to waste the ammo more effectively and defeat the opponent. eSport futures: сontrol at the level of reflex, behavior forecast for opponent, equal opportunities. Stop and you will die. Speed gives bonuses to the rate of weapons, damage and speed for projectiles.

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LLC Intenzibne 2015

wow nice im a big twisted metal fan, thers a few hanging out at they might be interested. Always wanted to make a car combat game.

Nice! could i ask you if you are using the vehicle class provided for unreal as a parent class or you develop your ownfrom scratch?
If you are using the vehicle class provided for unreal, are you having some kind of issues with the physics?

Parent class is Vehicle in Vehicle Game Example. Physics is not touched, all settings through the blueprints.:slight_smile:

Diesel Guns, gameplay video, April 2016