Diesel Guns : old-school arcade car combat game


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LLC Intenzibne

Unreal Engine 4


Release Date
August 2016

Car Combat


“Diesel Guns” - is a multiplayer old-school car combat game in the Twisted Metal, interstate 76 and Vigilante 8 style.

The game mechanics combines drive and fun of car combat and balance of classic shooter games.
Easy car and weapon control allow you to concentrate your attention to gameplay.
The supply of vehicles and weapons is the following: 6 main types of weapons, 4 special weapons, 4 fire modes, possibility of combining landmines and various vehicle classes with unique specifications and capabilities. All of this will help you uncover your tactical potential and find your own playing style.
Diverse and eye-catching battle arenas are here too. Every location is like a sandbox designed in a certain setting and unlimited either by time or a place.

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Diesel Guns Trailer:

Diesel Guns Gameplay:


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just abouth the name.

there was a game named dieselstormers financed by kickstarter. short before launching diesel got them by advocates so they had to completely rename their project.
it was a whole lot of trouble for them but they couldnt fight it. so they had to rename it.

just to think about that when naming your project diesel & guns.
i guess they will get to you by advocate sometime in the future, too if you ever want to release that game

kind regards

thank you for warning us, we’ll think about it!

This looks fantastic, Congratulations on the community spotlight :slight_smile: Take a page out of San Francisco Rush 2049 and add a sweet stunt course :smiley:

Thank you very much for such nice words :slight_smile:

Daaaaaamn dude, this is one hell of a game! Did you start with the advanced car template?

We ara started with Vehicle Game example. 98 % on blueprint.

> If you are a fan of racing survival games

Thats a thing? Haha, looks great though

Hello, very cool game!

I’m a level designer that would love to help develop this game. contact me if interested.


Game looks good, but the explosion particles need to be “juicier.”
I don’t think the explosion gives a light source from the video.
Also, camera shake helps sell the experience A LOT.

This game looks like a lot of fun, though.

looks fun, like twisted metal

Diesel Guns Cars

Besides their exterior, all the vehicles introduced in the game differ in key features such as speed, armor, maneuverability, capabilities and special-purpose weapons. That makes it possible for each player to find his playing style.