DiectX12 on GTX Cards

Hi. So I wanted to have a look at the whole Raytracing using GTX cards. After updating the Nvidea drivers and UE4, I managed to launch UE4 in dx12 using the ‘-dx12’ method. But when it did launch my viewport kept on freaking out and was filled by any drop downs. Making it almost impossible to use as everything gets scaled to fill the window. This doesn’t happen when I launch UE4 normally it only does it when I launch it with the ‘-dx12’ inserted behind the .exe.

Any idea why this is or how to fix this.


Did you do October 2018 Windows update?

Yes, I did indeed, I watched a video to explain how to activate the Raytracing and in doing so I had to update windows to version 1809. So Windows is completely updated

Maybe try to reinstall UE4? You could also try to look in to logs in Saved/Logs

Reinstalling didn’t seem to work either. unfortunately