DieCast Racing

Hello everybody,

I’m currently working on my first full game, which is called: DieCast Racing :wink:

DCR is based on 70’s and 80’s die-cast model cars, combined with a slot-less styled track inspired from the 80’s ‘TCR’.

At the moment the main car is a Monteverdi Hai (that was my fav’ as a kid), next is a Detomaso Pantera,
the environments are all realistic (no flashy spacey stuff, only objects that exist in the real world are in the game).

Mixing simulation and arcade aspects, which will be customizable, so that it can be played as a ‘simulator’ of small die-cast cars, which could be hard, or an easier, more fun arcade mode with all sorts of real-life items, like crackers, pin-tacks, superglue, etc… all real sized too of course. Batteries give the cars an ‘overclocked’ boost. The tracks will also allow to use magnetism to keep the cars on track at high speeds.

The game works with a checkpoint system, single and multi player, with AI bots that can range from dumb to pilot.
I could also make open maps, for a DM-like environment, or even BR? (can’t say the words, no need for another lawsuit ;)).

Looking forward to any suggestions, ideas, criticism or other hopefully supportive stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,

>> http://diecast-racing.com