Die Young

Die Young

Here’s the first teaser trailer of Die Young, a survival open world videogame which is in development since a year and an half on Unreal Engine 4 by our team at Indiegala.
Hope you’ll enjoy it!

DIE YOUNG is an open world, dynamic exploration-survival experience presented in first-person perspective.
The game is currently under intense development by Indiegala’s internal dev team.

As a young girl, you find yourself
trapped on a dazzling yet mysterious island on the Mediterranean Sea, inhabited by an enigmatic rural community. You have no knowledge of who kidnapped you or why.


The ultimate goal is to find a way to escape.

Your only weapons: your physical skills.
Run, jump, climb and leave your enemies behind.

Explore the island and find out more about its suspicious dwellers, ancient ruins,
dark mines and caves.


Search for water, items and equipment that can help you survive the nightmare.
Uncover the awful truth behind the quiet, bucolic life of the island.


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Well it looks certainly good :slight_smile: But im unsure about that fat guy in the trailer :smiley: well no bully from me anymore.

Keep working

This looks good, how could you try the demo?

Hi josuetovar, at the moment we haven’t planned a demo.

our alpha release is available.

Congrats on getting the alpha out there! Looks like a cool concept :cool:

We released Die Young in Early Access yesterday!
It’s available for purchasing on Steam

Some updated screenshots:







I love how polished and clean the graphics are despite the visceral content. Honestly at first I thought “Is this a 3D Hatred” on the short trailer? But I checked out the much longer gameplay and saw a completely different game in practice which is good.

Thank you Ghoxt!

If I’m not mistaken, I see a cool use of my SSG tool here :slight_smile: I’m happy to see that it’s used in projects like this. Good luck with the game, looks promising - I really liked Dying Light, the world could really use some another good parkour-survivalish mix.

Yes Slavq, we used to create ivy in certain points of the map! That’s a really cool plugin!