"Did you forget to add a string table redirector?" = How do I resolve this?

In my current project I have a series of DataTables for strings to support localization. It’s all working pretty well,expect for the infrequent times when I get dangerous/stupid and change the String Key that is already in use.

The obvious ones I just replace myself as I find them, but then when I use the Project Launcher to make a build, I will occasionally see this type of error:

Warning: Failed to find string table entry for ‘<STRING-KEY-THAT-NOW-NO-LONGER-EXISTS>’ ‘None’. Did you forget to add a string table redirector?

First, I don’t know what a string table redirector is, let alone how to “add” one. I get a ton of mis-hit searches returning fixup/redirects related topics. It’s not the same type or redirect.
Second, is there just a way to search blueprints or other content and be like “Show me everywhere this key is being used”?

Otherwise, you just have to more or less know where the old keys were being used to update all of them. Which seems really silly. Same is kinda true with Tags as well; haven’t found a good way to get back a list of “here is everywhere this tag is used”.

Not crazy urgent, just really irritating that I can’t do any kind of search for when this happens.

I know nothing about this, but have you seen the binoculars in the BP search, they enable you to search all blueprints:


you may be referring to the reference viewer? Right click the asset → reference viewer to see everything that connects to an asset.

The Reference Viewer works great for Content Browser objects, and I do use it often to find where a given Widget or Texture is being used.
Also, they aren’t variables in the same way as Blueprint variables either, which means they cannot be found with the Binoculars suggestion above. String Table usage gets weird in blueprints, as I’ve had it return weird results, like <MISSING_STRING> for entries that definitely exist and are populated correctly. I guess it only resolves those at run time or something.

The problem here is that these aren’t assets in the Content Browser, but entries within an asset. When setting up a String Table, it’s similar to other DataTables in that the String Table asset contains a list of Keys with their values (in this case text strings).

I’d like to know if there is a way to find where a specific Key from a String Table is being used in the project. This would be something like the Reference viewer, but only for String Table Keys. Maybe there is a special Data Table reference finder I don’t know about?
Or, this error could be updated to include which asset has the missing/bad String Table key in it. It clearly knows this or else it wouldn’t error. Kinda surprised it doesn’t, as most other errors like this do.

I understand, I work with Data Tables quite a bit so I can see how that would be aggravating.