Did the installation locations change?

I have been using Maya LT for about 6 months or so. I just got a new computer and re-installed UE4 and Maya LT.

Everything is fine until I try to ‘Send to Unreal’. I set the project… It is now looking for ‘Unreal Engine.app’ in the applications folder. I found that file elsewhere, but if I point Maya to it, it says ‘A valid Unreal Engine must be locally installed.’

Am I missing something? I feel like I installed everything the same way that I did on the old computer. Did things change? I also tried to install an older engine, but that didn’t do it either. I have a ticket in at Autodesk, but the first response I received was ‘Ask at UE.’


Hey Onildera,

For installation issues, please visit http://help.epicgames.com/

On the site, you’ll find various troubleshooting articles, as well as an Email us button on the side of the page that you can use to get in touch with one of our support staff.

Have a great day