Did save file location change?

I’ve packaged my game, created my install files, and for some reason when I install a fresh copy of the game (after uninstalling previous builds of my game, and deleting the “Program Files (x86)/…” directory for my game, my fresh install still has a save file that it’s finding somewhere. But WHERE?? I’m used to the save file being in the content folder of my game directory, but this folder doesn’t exist. So… Where is it getting this phantom save information from now?

If it’s a packaged game look it your AppData folder. Something like ‘C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Local<ProjectName>’

Ah. That was it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What about when a game is launched from the editor, using the launch button, not he plays button. Or is that feature a bit broken in 4.23? My saves are not working when I try that method.

Save game files for playing in the editor are in the project dir /projectname/Saved/SaveGames

Packed projects seam to have the save files directly in their own folder: /WindowsNoEditor/GameName/Saved/SaveGames

Hi Lord7even, is it possible to change the directory of save game to something else. From “/WindowsNoEditor/GameName/Saved/SaveGames” to “ThisPC/Documents/Saved/SaveGames” may be…