Did I install the wrong version of Visual Studio Community?

So I’ve been working on a game. Few months ago I built the first version and had to install Visual Studio Community 2013, no problem built and ran fine. I uninstalled community 2013, forgetting why I installed it. I went to build the game again, it told me there was an unknown error. I did some research here and found that I needed to reinstall it. But Microsoft only has 2015 now. I installed it, but still no go. Anyone know how I can get 2013? I am stuck and only a few more test away from being done.


You want 2015. It will upgrade your solution from 2013 to 2015 and let you rebuild.

Well it seemed to work. I’ve been trying for days and it suddenly started working. I don’t think I did anything but I’ll take it. Thanks jcoder.