Dictionary Map - Keys are going missing?

I think it’s because the vectors are groups of floats and are inherently slightly inaccurate.

If you wanted to do it this way, I think 3 ints would work, as long as you truncated the vector components correctly.

Hello. So the problem is that I dont know how the following can be true same time :

  1. I use a Dictionary Map with types Vector3 as Key to StaticMesh as Value

  1. I add to the Dictionary, four specific keys , which are some fixed Locations , their values are irrelevent cause I face a problem with the Keys themselves

  1. From the same Get of my Dictionary Map, as I plug it in the ‘Contains’ node fails to locate the key, and the Find Node fails to return the Value as if I gave an invalid Key!

  1. Immediately after the Contains and Find Nodes fail, I do a debug print of the same Dictionary , printing all its Keys , from the corresponding node, with for each loop.

  1. The debug correctly shows correctly the ‘missing’ Keys

So how could this be, a dictionary returning correctly the Keys/Values from the Keys/Values Nodes, but just a step earlier the ‘Contains’ and ‘Find’ nodes fail to find the same key?

In my screenshot you can see i have 4 Locations , which they are the four corners relative the zero local frame
the (++) , (±) , (-+), and (–)

On the debug the Dark Brown is the Contain Node Failing, and right after the Dark Green lines are the print from the ‘Keys’ node, which are the same !?