Dian Mozokov - Environment Artist

Hello All,

I’m currently looking for a job as Environment Artist and want to be involved in crafting any types of assets. Below is some of my personal work and more you could find on my ArtStation portfolio.

Project: Imperial Chest of Conquest

Project: Rugged Chest

Project: Runic Floor

You can reach me at: or PM here on the forum.


I am still looking for a job.

My latest finished project:

The Lion bust.
I hope you’ll like it.

Hello guys,

Here is some of my latest work which I have done for future game project. I’m using the Modo for all of my modelling and UVs stuff and the Substance Painter for texturing part of my work pipeline. Rendering of final models is done in Marmoset Toolbag. Also you could check every of my buildings with Marmoset viewer at my ArtStation page.

You can reach me at: or PM here on the forum.

Soko 1:

Soko 2:

Kibo Building:

Hello Please see :…-battle-royale and tell me what you think , we would like a position like you on the project !

Concept of M133 Kornet (ATGM)

T134 Reaper

Military Spider-bot Class III (>8000kg)

Another building is completed:

Runic Ornament

Another work I finished:

Stylized Ancient Vase