Dialogues and AI

Hello, I am trying to get a higher level view on how the AI works. I know nearly nothing about AI, and I am interested the logic, the engineering aspect

Does AI has boolean operators, I mean like when telling what to do to non-ai actors? Can I make an AI like I make a script to do soemtsome on some input? Can it be all done on one blueprint like in normal blueprints? I mean I can make an AI inside a widget blueprint without any other blueprints. Without blackboards, and i don’t even know what it is. Define ai please. What is called AI in unreal engine, why do I need an AI controller, what is a blackboard, how it is all related and why it is the way it is instead of just doing it all on one blueprint. I know there must be a tutorial on ai, but there isn’t. All of them show how to do some stuff, a technician level, they don’t explain how the things work and why, there is no engineering

The broad definition of game AI is just the behaviour generated by whatever code you are using to generate it. :slight_smile:

If you have a humanoid NPC, then you you need an AI controller to direct the mesh and move it around the level. You could make one file containing all the code required for the NPC, but it would be very difficult to debug, and would not be re-usable. (For instance, I have two types of AI characters, guards and civilians, they use the same AI controller, but different Behaviour Trees. Having the Controller as a separate file means that, if I decide to make a change in the controller logic, I do not have to do it twice, once in each file. Splitting up different code blocks into different files is just good programming practice, and minimises the memory footprint of a file).

A Blackboard is a way of keeping track of a lot of data involved in the decision-making process of the Behaviour Tree (which is a kind of Finite State Machine). AI is a deep discipline, so I suggest you watch some of the Unreal Engine tutorial videos to get an idea of what it involves. (Unreal Engine - YouTube)

As for there being no AI tutorials, here are some! is a good start.

And here is a series of 11 of them:

Also, it doesn’t have to be a binary thing. Eg. Utility theory is a way of generating more complex behaviour from multiple variables, or you can even program (or buy from the marketplace) a neural network!

That’s right, there is little documentation on the engine regarding setting up Data base Dialog driven UMG’s which I need to know about and so on, I need to know how to set up the umg mouse to read in a data table to pull text information from it. The language is written in heavy technical jargon, its not written in easy to understand laymen terms. so its hard to find the documents on the internet In other words its like I need to have an extensive programming technical background in order to understand what to look for on the internet as not all the documents are written in plain
english for easy searching but are written instead in technical programming terms of the engine. So when I use simple laymen keywords I don’t find that much.

Thank you very much for your help and for being very nice. I am really inspired now to dig into AI