Dialogue wave and dialogue voice, how to use them ?


I have just discovered the dialogue voice and dialogue wave variables and I tried to use it. I have several questions about it.

First, I have created the dialogue voice (that it is easy), and then the dialogue wave but I don’t understand what is the goal of the several context I can add…

In my game i have two types of possible dialogues :

  • a dialogue with no answer : the player go in front the pnj and then the PNJ say a sentence randomly. Every player that are near to him can hear it.

  • a real dialogue : the player press E in front of the PNJ and then the pnj say a sentence, then the player choose an answer between 3 possible answer, and then the PNJ answer depending to what the player say.

The thing is that I can specified in the context in the dialogue wave that the dialogue is directed to nobody (so it can be usefull for my first type of dialogue). But then when I try to play the dialogue in my BP I have to specify the target of the context… So I don’t know what to do if nobody is targeted…

Please, help me…

Thank you a lot for your time and your help

All the best

Since no one has even attempted to answer your question I will do my best, since my google search hasn’t turned up anything useful. Dialogue wave seems to be the actual file that you would add your sound file for the voice, Dialogue voice seems to be modifying the dialogue wave some how. There is a tutorial but not sure if it even went into detail.