Dialogue voices and dialogue .wav question

i am trying to create a dialogue system with voice overs ive looked every where for an answer to this question but cant seem to find it anywhere. I followed the unreal documentation to create a single sentence with voice over and subtitles.

I have got it to work with a single sentence plays the sound and subtitles fine but my question is for multiple sentences spoken at different times in the game do i have to create a “sound wave object” for every sentence i want spoken or is there a way to change it dynamically in the blueprint so i can change the wav file and the text?

Example i have one dialogue wave object (created in content browser > right click > sounds >dialogue wave) with the wave sound file added with the voice “hello and welcome to the game” with the same text for the subtitles. To play at the start.
I then have wave object 2 with sound file and text saying “thank you for playing come back soon” to play on exiting the game.
Do i have to keep them as separate dialogue wave objects OR can i call wave object 1 inside a blueprint (or other way) and change its sound file and text there or am i stuck in creating all separate dialogue wave objects for all sentences?