Dialogue System

Hi everyone,

We are just about to start a new project where dialogue and narrative are a main part of the game. Is there anything like the “Dialoguer” plugin for Unity, or would it be possible to do something similar within Blueprint? If you haven’t seen Dialoguer it’s simply a node-based system that allows you to connect several answers to each bit of dialogue etc. You can see it here ://www.dialoguer.info/

At the moment we are in very early stages of development and are nowhere near the stage of implementing this yet, however, we want to have a good understanding of how we can go about this. At the moment we are going with the plan of just having different cutscenes that play dependant on the player’s choices. But we would ideally like a dialogue system similar to Fallout, Mass Effect etc.


You can do something like that with blueprints (the game that I’m currently developing uses a bp dialogue system) -> probably this thread will help you a little bit: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?2927-Dialogue-System&highlight=dialogue