Dialogue system aid needed


I am need of some aid with creating a dialogue system. I am working on a universisity project and I am trying to basically create a virtual tour. Person can move around on set areas and click icons to get text info about objects.

Well I been trying to tinker the text section for past week and I am struggling with how I want it / How to get it to work. I have been using the Free Office Blueprint demonstration as base. Basically I am using those text box solutions that work by proximity slightly modified so they are touch and click based.

Now the issue is that I would like to have the text box to have more text than it can so I am trying to figure a solution how I can clear the old text from the textbox and have it display a new text segment.

Basically like clicking trough dialogue in traditional RPG - games.

I was told to attempt it with array but I am still novice with blueprint so I am unsure how to get it to work.
Here is my current attempt screenshot as well as overview and whole blueprint.

In this current version it doesn’t show all the lines and it doesn’t stretch the box to fit the text. (See result_pic)
In another attempt I managed to get all the text to display but they were on top of each other and went over the border of the box.

Thus any aid how I could sort this or how to proceed - step by step would be appreciated or even proper tutorials of similar dialogue system.
I have been Googling dialogue in Unreal but most seem too complicated for me or half finished solutions thus i havent managed to found aid in those.