Dialogue Box System


So as a side result from another project, im nearly done working on a Dialogue Box / Text system (Undertale, OneShot, RPGs etc )

It currently features

  • Typewriter text effect
  • “Shakey” Text effect
  • “Wavey” Text
  • Rainbow Text effect
  • Text parser to trigger the text effects using specific modifiers
  • Fully Compatible & Customizeable trough UMG

You can modify each text character ( and also the whole text box ) so you can individually assign size,color,font etc on a per character basis

And here is what i hope to add

  • Text-Gradient to improve the rainbow effect
  • Blueprint version too???
  • Trigger events based on specific keywords
  • Support multiple messages
  • Player Choices?

Here is how it looks so far

So yeah let me know if you would like this asset as well which other features you would also like! :smiley: