Diagonal Legends - Isekai Theme RPG

Full Name of the Game: Diagonal Legends

Scope: A Single player, 3D role-playing game in **Non-photorealistic **graphic style (1:1 scaling), with an early-medieval setting. It is a deep-story driven action adventurer with branching choices & non-linear gameplay, inspired by the isekai mangas and novels, based in a fantasy world.

Short/Basic Plot:
You are transported to an another world, and are born in a household belonging to a happy couple. Fast forward… and you have just turned 15 and are ready to go out to explore the wonders of this world. Your destiny awaits… !

Background Lore: [SPOILER]In the year, IX of <placeholder> calendar year,… upon the death of the heir-apparent of <Kingdom B>, the <Empire A> invaded the <Kingdom B> citing a “disputed succession” casus-belli. The armies of the empire led by the tyrant general <some name> waged a vehement attempt to subdue all of <Kingdom B>. His strategy was as simple as his brute mind: to take control of small towns and villages on the outskirts of larger cities of strategic value, in order to starve them into submission.

The mercenary vanguards exacted multiple atrocities on the civilians living in these outlying areas, resulting in a heavy death toll before actual engagement between the formal armies. This forced many of them to leave their homes in order to flee deeper into the unexplored continent. However, the Empire underestimated the resilience of its neighbor. The Kingdom although outmatched in terms of numbers, managed to fortify its important cities despite the short notice, and rightfully used the anguish of its citizens to rally its troops in order to draw out the war.

After all, the empire had resorted to such strategies in the first place due to the long standing fact that the walls of kingdom B’s ‘crown’ cities were known throughout the continent of <placeholder> for being impregnable. These walls made of <rock mineral name> had withstood the test of time and understandably the few collaborators the empire had managed to erect inside them, were of no avail.

This bloody war is now going on for 6 years, and is about to enter its 7th. This is the year of <placeholder>, considerd holy by many sections of the society.

The mounting expense from the war, and with only one of the Kingdom’s large/crown cities subdued so far, the emperor has grown frustrated and is now seeking answers outside of the usual places. The head of a single general will not suffice to quench his anger. And the court of the emperor has become a sight akin to a fish market, with ministers & generals bickering over various issues on a daily basis. Seeing this, some of the empire’s old enemies are starting to come out of the shadows.

The Kingdom on the other hand is mired by its own problems. A heavy toll has been exacted on the Kingdom by this series of sieges. The law and order is slipping day-by-day out of the hand, and the citizens are tired of living within the confines of the walls. Some of them are raging with the thought of the suffering enacted on the people outside the walls, for whom the Kingdom has been able to do near about nothing. Some are just afraid to suffer the same fate. The trade and commerce has vastly diminished, and is these days more about smuggling and hording, than pure honest labor. Rations are dwindling day-by-day, and the truce has been ruled out by the arrogance of the noble factions.

It is almost spring in the farthest outlying village in the west of the Kingdom, the tiny village aptly called ‘Little Hope’. But unknown to its humble residents,… some tales of true bravery and adventure are about to unfold here…

Character Type 1 (Personal Background): Baron <name> and his wife have just decided to escape from the capital, in the hope of having a more suitable environment for their newborn child.

Being a 3rd son and the only surviving child of an erstwhile noble father, who had traded all of his estate in the coutryside for a mere place in the comfort of the castle walls when the war broke out, only to die a year later from disease, <name of the baron> had not much to look forward to in the capital. Furthermore being a baron, which was the lowest rank among the nobles, he was a target of ridicule and amusement for the other noble families.

At last, when he gave into the overtures from his wife, he took his best and the only friend in the capital, a former adventurer by the name of <name of friend>, along with him to go and meet the grain smugglers. A deal was struck, and despite of losing nearly his entire fortune, he was happy to have bought a some-what safe passageway for the 6 members of his household along with his dear friend.

His aim was to move as far away as possible from the capital, the war and everything he was sick and tired of in his old life. Sitting in the back of the wagon used for transporting grain, <name> dared not to look out of the wagon, until the castle walls were many… many miles away. His only other comfort besides his family was a piece of parchment paper hastily rolled up in his hands, and the name of his destination resonating in his mind.

(The wheel rolls on… )[/SPOILER]

Starting Player - Family Backgrounds (options):

  1. **Peasant **
    Example Starting Skills: Farming Knowledge Lvl 3, Strength Lvl 2, etc. (Physically strong raw skills, but lack of advanced skills like ‘Swordsmanship’ or ‘Negotiations’, etc.)

  2. Soldier
    Example Starting Skills: Strength Lvl 3, Swordsmanship Lvl 1, Bartering Lvl 1 (Physically best skills, but lack of field knowledge like ‘Botany’ or ‘Appraisal’, etc.)

  3. Merchant
    Example Starting Skills: Negotiations Lvl 3, Sneaking Lvl 2 (Physically weak, but strong knowledge of the arts like ‘Potion Making’ or ‘Path Finding’, etc.)

**In-game Races (examples): **The classic stuff plus more :wink:

  1. Goblins
  2. Elves
  3. Humans
  4. Dwarves
  5. Dragons
  6. Undead
    x. etc

In-game Jobs (examples): Jobs with pay, skill requirements and consequences. You can get fired too!

  1. Tower Guard
  2. Potion Trader
  3. Royal Gardener
  4. Military Advisor
  5. Black Marketeer
  6. Herb Gatherer
    x. etc

About the devs:
Main Developer & Lead: Ahmad Bilal, 27, based in New Delhi, India. Business Grad by education, self-taught 3D Generalist & C Programmer. Nice to meet you.

Discord: SomeAB #4529
Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/someab

Support Us:
Paypal: PayPal.Me | Patreon: Patreon

Update History
[SPOILER]27 JULY 2019 - Shifted from Unity to Unreal
30 JULY 2019 - First Update since shifting[/SPOILER]

Update 1: Added the examples of Family Background, Races & Jobs. More stuff to come in next few days :wink: