Diablo, PoE, Borderlands, The Division, or Any RPGlike game and GamePlay abilities

I am working on my item system for my game right now. I want items to have various modifiers and effects similiar to that of diablo games or any RPG really. Modifiers like “+stat on equip (+5 str)” or “1% lifesteal on hit”. Since gameplay abilities has the whole attributeset system, I was thinking that each of these should may be a gameplay ability effect or ability attached to an item. In which the item will apply it to holder in different scenarios (onPickup, onProximity, onequip, etc…). The fact that their might exist hundreds or thousands of ‘items’ in games with an abundant of ‘modifiers’ and ‘effects’ I am not sure if I should go with something as complex and (is it at all heavy?) as the gameplay abilities system.

Like when you equipped the item you’ve been given the permanent ability of lifesteal on hit until you unequip or same for +stats or other things.

Most of the examples talking about moba and fortnite and other things with gameplay abilities often have more ‘fixed items’.
A lot of my game will have procedural pieces and specifically procedural items and while I know the GameplayAbility has a way of powering a dynamic magnitude modifier for stats and other things.

I wasn’t positive if perhaps this is a bad idea for some reason before I dive into a rather complex and minimally documented system?