Diablo like game problem with physics

I’m making a game, slasher like diablo on consoles but i have problem with physics. The problem appears, when enemies dies, they break apart into physique peaces, player pawn sphere like, and it can hit, move and push those peaces, but sometimes when i walk over a peace, my character is launched into air for few frames, then fall onto ground, Same enemies, when they walk over dead fellas parts they launch into air. I Want my game to be flat I have only one platformt to fight on, and i tried to use Constraint to plane into Z axis, but sometimes instad of launching into air, characters starts to “fall” and they float over ground until they hit something and “land” on ground. I Dont know how to make a game in which i can have a ragdoll to play without launching characters with huge force.

I Have played one diablo like game made on u4. Stories the path of destinies, but they had similar problem, my character sometimes was thrown into air, and i was immediately snapped to ground. But it was there.