DevTon - Laptop pack

DevTon - Laptop pack

This package features 3 highly customizable laptops. Through a system of alpha maps, all areas of each laptop can be adjusted seperately. Color, specularity, roughness and metal properties are all uniquely adjustable. Each laptop also consits of a set of emissive options. There are two versions of each laptop; one static, and one animated. The animated versions contain a blueprint allowing them to be opened and closed using the press of a key.

Technical Details:

Number of Meshes: 9 (3 complete laptop meshes, additionally we separated the bodys and lids specifically for an opening function using the blueprint system.

Triangle Counts:


LODs: No
Number of Materials: 5
Number of Material Instances: 16
Number of Textures: 21
Texture Resolution (complete list): 4096x4096 only
Collision: Yes - automatically generated
Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: PC, Windows 10
Documentation Included: No



Looks great, what’s the price?

Thanks, 19.99 dol