DevTon Damaged Material Vol.1

**DevTon Damaged Material Vol.1 **


112 HQ textures 4096x4096px (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metal and alpha variation)
1 Master Materials
42 Instance Materials

Size - 2,9 GB



Are you utilizing any sort of parallax/POM or tessellation? I think some of these textures, especially the bricks could benefit hugely from it.

We wanted the material package to be user friendly for all surfaces. We don’t use tessellation because it requires the use of specially prepared models with higher density geometry. Also we decided to not use a full parallax system, because this does not work well with separate layers using alpha mask blending. The materials do however have a small amount of bump offset.

I was always delighted about your materials from that day forth when I’ve seen your multilayer material for the landscape. :rolleyes: Good job! :cool:

we appreciate your opinion, and we are happy that you like our works, best regards


I’m really interested in purchasing this pack.

Could you please give it a quick test and tell me, if this awesome Material Collection is working in the Unreal Tournament Editor? :slight_smile:

Because I remember a year ago or so I’ve migrated a (free) Metallic Material Pack (also with 4096x4096 texture resolution) and the Materials didn’t show up in the UT-Editor Content Folder.

we try make a test on days, sorry for delay with answer, to many work…


materials working well on Unreal Tournament Editor (version 4.12)

Thank you very much for testing! :smiley:

plz help me
when I apply a material in the big wall or big floor the material become too big the blood become all around
but if i apply it in normal size floor/wall it is great how can I fix that plz
thank u9d0beda4bce3fc4f0aa22cc5897a74e6c823b9d0.jpeg

you can see the big difference between my floor and the floor you already post in the above reply

The reason for that is most likely two things, the resolution on the uv map for the walls and floors in the Horror Template are a different size than than those in DevTons damaged materials, and so it appears larger than it should be. The other case is because Im assuming in the screenshots of the materials DevTon has placed the materials on BSP and not static meshes, which lets you independently scale the material size.

The only way to fix this with the static meshes that youre using is to change the texture UV scale in the materials themselves, and set it to like double the size or even 4 times the size.

can you explain it step by step because I have First Person Horror Template, but I can not find what you tell me

sorry for bothering you