Devs Universe Community

Please Join!

What is it for?

This was a small little Skype chat that has now expanded to well over 100+ and pretty active users. Unlike some online communities or FB groups we have a lot less restrictions on what in terms of game development you can actually speak about. You can discuss any engine, any project, any form of art related to game design specifics. We even like to give shout outs to our composers that seem to always be drowned in an endless ocean of other game specific positions.

Once you join you can start posting your games progress, updates, artwork, videos, ideas, WIP screenies. You can discuss coding, share tutorials and meet new friends. We totally offer you free reign on your creative spirit. As long as it can be twisted into some shape or form of game development or design we welcome it. Some users are actually getting great information and some Kickstarter support since joining.

We need you to help us grow and to better our little community.

What can happen if you join?

By joining us you help our reach expand. You bring more experiences, ideas, fun new projects, and inspiration to many others like yourself. If we grow big enough me and a few others would like to build a awesome website for us all to lurk on and share even more.

Indies lack community support sometimes and lack methods of growing one without much cash on hand or some serious eye opening content. Well we hope with Devs Universe we can grow together to create our own marketing, publishing, and advertising pool without any cost to anyone but also offer advice, mentoring, free tutorials, etc. Everyone literally gets a piece of the pie if they really want it.

Future Plans?

Weekly Space Captains - This is a little weekly promotion where one lucky user that shined or stood out that week can have a piece of art, tutorial video, game progress video, or anything they want snipped to the top of the page for an entire week and this will change weekly.

other cool stuff is being planned but we need you!

"Soar into the Galaxies and explore Devs Universe today"

Major news just been posted on the page check it out :slight_smile:

That looks cool defo joining

Yes i forgot I posted this here awhile back and good news is I am jump starting it again as I was away for several months, and with that said we can always use for members and even some supporters to help build the site.