Devs Universe Community

Started as a small game development chat among all sorts of talented people now grew too big and as a result is on Facebook. If it gets any bigger we will be coding up a site for it.

You can use any engine, platform you want, discuss your projects, help others, recruit, sell assets, buy assets, share or ask for tutorials, promote art, code, ideas, etc. Anything and everything to do with game development on anything from game maker to UE4 is welcome and all in between or on the outside.

If you are an Indie and like to grow some of your fan base even by a little check it out. If it gets bigger we will create a fully functional site to carry the large following. We will do weekly showcases for interesting project and pin them in the cover area as well as the top of the group for additional promotion. Our community as of now sits at around 97 at this very moment but is not even two days old yet and growing daily so were excited about this. This is just a way to get more people involved regardless if you are an ideas person, programmer, musician, etc. It is just all good fun but if you can gain anything from it the better. So everyone is welcome to join.