Devs: bugs with devkit + probably 188 cooking issue


A few things to report (updated)

  1. Getting a scenario where a mod that used to work in 187 now won’t run on a dedi server with the 188 devkit update. Works in PIE and local game… not in dedi. Dedi just waits and never opens port 7777 (i.e. effectively hung - needs to click Close box as CTRL-C doesn’t terminate process)
  2. Unreal Editor (UE) is creating copies of blueprints in the mod folder. e.g. copy in Dilo_Character_BP to your mod folder… rename it to MyDilo_Character_BP, save it… but in the folder itself there is still a copy of Dilo_Character_BP.
  3. UE isn’t deleting old blueprints from either the mod folder or the cook output folder. e.g. for the mod output folder… unused files are building up over time.
  4. When Steam client updates a mod, it adds/overwrites files… but does not delete files no longer used by the mod. Different to 3) above, because even if you physically delete files in your UE mods folder… when it’s cooked and pushed to Steam it’s not deleting old files on player Steam clients either.

Suggested fixes:

  1. Before releasing a devkit/github update to us… please cook and test a basic mod to see if it loads in PIE + local + dedi.
  2. Figure out why copied asset/BPs are still keeping their originals after a rename
  3. Cooking process should delete the contents of the \ARKDevKit\ModTools\Output{mod_name} before cooking.
  4. Steam should be deleting old files that are no longer part of the mod

Lastly… and this comes after I massively burned hundreds of people… can you please allow us to edit blueprint copies in the mod… without having to subclass them. I had a mod that I had to remove from a server… and having adjusted stats for dozens of dinos… all those dilos were deleted from the game when the mod was removed. It was just… catastrophic.

Will update with more details later.

updated with more info

I noticed the same issue with files collecting in my mod folder (old files that had been deleted via in the editor). I just started manually deleting them, cause it was ******* me off. And thus far that seems to work fine, but it’s not something I enjoy doing regularly…that’s for sure haha

Also same with #4, those collect as well, which could be very bad for anyone whom is not constantly renaming their blueprints to prevent this.

As for #1 Jason, it personally sounds like to me something got over-ridden with the new update. Also as of right now we have to re-make our PrimalGameData_BP_CustomNameHere every time new items/dino’s are added (depending on what we have modded in there), are you making sure to do this?

  • Sinari