@DEVS : Any ETA on getting access to your documentation ?


We’ve been told the past month that we would soon get access to some kind of private documentation. Is it still a thing or should we continue our own on Mod:Modding - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki ?

I’m not complaining but i stopped updating the “unofficial” wiki for quite some time thinking we would have access to the dev’s one by the end of july and only want to know if we should start updating our own wiki again.


hello there,

i think that even with the dev documentation, having the wiki will help since we could had some user experience in it or just use it to make finding tuto easier :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking on adding some thing in it but i never use a wiki before so not sure of how to go and trying to figure out how to organize all the different pages (and modifying the actual modding page to be an index/home-page, not a tutorial, with all the different categories link to modding appearing here or something like that :smiley: )


That’s a fair point wazalop, I’m sure that would also be helpful. However, the main reason I share 's interest in the documentation from the devs themselves is that it will be factual information, direct from the source - as opposed to community guesswork based on trial and error experimentation. Don’t get me wrong, I highly value that community information. There is just some information that cannot be obtained through our current methods, and as it stands, much of what the community ‘knows’ is really only just what the community ‘suspects’ is true currently.


i didn’t say that we don’t need the dev doc :wink: just that having a wiki for giving pointer is good to complement the dev doc with actual example or other thing that are maybe not in the dev doc :wink:

look at the php doc, so much useful comment made by user are in the post below the description/example of the doc, some time just explaining some small thing but with easier word so that non english people / non seasoned will understand what was explain before more easily, or just with better example :smiley:

after sure if they use a php doc or wiki style for documentation and allow us to comment on it directly using the public wiki would be pointless :stuck_out_tongue:

id say that we do need both ? :stuck_out_tongue:
as dev docs hopefully go way deeper into the matter than the community wiki ever will too

we need a roadmap as well so we dont fill our steam workshop with useless info that u cant delete no point in 1g of data when only 200m is needed

please explain?

well when u upload to steam it stays there regardless if u delete it out of ur mod ect so to save making boss dinos or spending 2 weeks making elevators just to find out when ur almost finished there being released anyway it causes unneeded space getting taken up by useless information and alot of time wasted… we also either need the docs or someone to talk to to find out basics like how it checks the owner string tags what is what cause atm its all guesswork regardless how much u no how to use ue4

you can delete your mods off the steam workshop

and start again every update yeah thats the solution ontop of that it doesnt fix the problem

Hey guys,

Let’s see if we can get that to you around August 13 when we add in the Total Conversion support. Gonna talk to about it :slight_smile:


Thanks !

:smiley: cheers dude roadmap will also stop the sooks on the forum (well some a bit anyway :P)

Bump. What happened to August 13th? Any ETA? The modding contest is here and there’s no documentation

this is it so far :frowning: ARK Dev Kit v200.5 (Fixed Sotf!!): 'Survival of the Fittest' download, Total Conversions, Mods, Maps - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums