Devlog / Updates - SunDay

Hey everybody,

This is a story about you discovering an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar inhabitants.

Very Work in Progress:
This game is very close to my heart, it will tell a very important story once I’m finished. This Prototype will merely give you a feeling on what you are going to expect. There are still a lot of features that will be added and tweaked.

Tips and Tricks:
Search for the little lights, there are 4 in total.
If you can’t go anywhere because you keep dying, then you are not paying well enough attention.

More Screenshots](

Devlog #1 (September 5th)

I’ve finished my first working Prototype. It has a lot of the planned mechanics already built into it.

What’s working:

  • Intro
  • Menu
  • Options Menu
  • Music
  • Main Mechanics

What’s bugged:

  • Do not press the Shift button if you want to test it properly
  • Player Model placeholder
  • Better Detection (some meshes need refining)
  • Light Shafts are only visible on Medium Post-Processing Settings (no work-around as far as I know)

Google Drive Mirror
GameJolt Mirror

Mouse Wheel — Zoom
Mouse Click — Interact
Q — Reset Zoom
Esc — Ingame Menu (does not pause)
(Debug: Shift sprint, V toggles God Mode)

If you have any questions or want to contact me:
twitter: @DoctorORBiT](
discord: SunDay Support Chat

If you get stuck:

Look for little lights on Rocks
There are 4 people you can to find
First one is in the Tunnel
Second by the Purple Artefact.
Next one is in the 3rd shadow
Last one is in the 6th shadow (just before the last Purple Artefact)

[Reserved for future updates]