Devlog: Procedurally generated Voxel world

First post in this devblog which I hope will become a weekly thing, mostly to receive feedback and suggestions on what I post.

The intent is to combine the gameplay of a First Person camera and Dwarf Fotress, Stronghold, Settlers and other similar city builder simulations to make a unique gaming experience.

If anyone is interested you can check out my Trello board, if there is interest I might let you guys vote for what you would like to see next.
Currently implemented/partly implemented:

  • “Infinite” voxel world in all three directions
  • Voxel creation and destruction
  • Both opaque and transparent voxels
  • Voxels can have any shape and form, not just blocks
  • Voxel physics
  • Inventory and item system
  • Biome system
  • Multiplayer
  • Simplified meshing(you can see this at the end of the video)

And some media:

Just me running around building/destroying stuff. Shows some physics, biomes and the Greedy meshing algorithm:

Just a short video showcasing the block physics

Temperate Forest biome:

Higher altitude means lower temperature and moisture, which means less vegetation, lots of different biomes in this one:

Artic biome:

Boreal Forest biome:


Is this being done in C++ or Blueprint?

Will you be listing this on the marketplace?

Its mostly in C++, but I expose alot of functionality to blueprints, and I implement most of my “gameplay” stuff in blueprint. For example, in C++ I have the Biome system, but I implement the different biomes in Blueprint, by extending the C++ Biome class. All my systems are like that, in C++ I have the abstract logic, and in Blueprint I implement the real gameplay logic.

If there is enough demand for it I might release it on the marketplace. The abstract parts are not in any form of plugin yet, so I would have to do that before I released it on the marketplace.

This looks pretty great. Nice Work!

Just made a new video to show some more of the block physic system

I am impressed! Well done. This is something I am sure others will find interesting and will want to play around with!

Keep up the great work!

Looks Great

loved the phisics , just wondring how did you tackle the biom system ?

and thankyou .