DevKit Request: Quality Power Multiplier

As I started working on a mod to change loot tables and quality definitions I found multiplier after multiplier and then a multiplier for those multipliers so you can multiply while you multiply :wink: but I was surprised to find that inside the quality definitions (in gamedatabp) there is not a multiplier for item power even though there is a crafting resource requirements multiplier. Is it possible for there to be a power multiplier here? (It would need to multiply the RatingValueMultiplier inside PrimalItems I believe). The crafting resource requirements multiplier is lonely. Thanks!

This seems appropriate. :smiley:


I just mess with the Quality multiplier… the power one does not quite make sense…

PrimalGameData bp does not have a global multiplier for power (or whatever you want to call it) that controls how powerful an item becomes as far as I understand but it can change resource requirements. This thread is to request that multiplier. Otherwise, each item must be edited in 8 locations in its blueprint to make the change.