Devil May Cry cathedral


This is my very first project so please don’t be so critical for me, I know it’s bad. I am looking for your feedback and advices so I can make better projects in future. Took me ~3 days.

Not bad for a first project. The rays seem a little strong, but other than that good work. =)

Thanks. Here is what I wanted to achieve :stuck_out_tongue:

You get points in my book for having played one of the ORIGINAL Devil May Cry games.

As far as environments go, for a first try you did rather well.
The only thing I can think of adding is a tad bit more geometry, fill up the area.

In the game there are a series of steps leading up to Mundus’ Statue.

Other than that: Jackpot.

~ Jason

Hi Fairlightish,

This is a great job for a first project! My suggestion would be to dirty up the look. If you look at the video you posted, the cathedral has a grimy, gritty feel (much like the rest of the game). Your materials are extremely reflective and give off a clean, modern feel as opposed to that dirty look that the Devil May Cry games are known for. You can find more information on materials here if you want to learn more about them:

Thanks a lot!