Devices gestures stop working after package

Hello guys!
Iv made a kind of a product configurator in UE5.1 to work with touch and gestures in android and apple devices… its simple camera controls like orbit around object and pinch to zooming in and out…
It works perfectly via remote acess from my ipad (UNremote), evrything works fine, all gestures and touches… BUT… when i pachage the project with pixel streaming to run local to test on Apple (safari) the gestures (pinch) stop working!
Im using the new 5.1 enhanced inputs…
Its driving me crazy… the deadline is coming and no more options to test here… if somebody had the same experience and would like to share some infos it would be great!
It was developed in an UE5.1 on an pc machine
Thanks in advance!

Hey did you find the solution?