Device screen flickering,blinking and other problems!

Hello! I have problems!

  1. Device " Sony Xperia SP C5303 “(engine recognized device profile as " Adreno 320-Mid” im try set profile Mid to Low, but its not solved the problem).The screen flickers /blinks when you play the levels (i use only unlit materials(im not use any light source). Camera set in Ortho (2d game but in 3d world, and game very very simple)). Widget render its okay. This problem only in this device. Another smartphone Lg Fino and two tablets work fine. Please help with investigation and solving this problem.

  2. With blueprint i use node “Get active device profile name” and i have return value “Adreno4xx”-High (my device is so old and its from china. my test device is low-tech). then im go to windows tab " Device profiles and set “Android_Adreno4xx High to Low” . Packaging with updated profile and im run again and i have another return value with node “Get active device profile name” return “Mali_4xx”-Low. This problem only on this device. In another devices a have correct return.

Please answer my questions:

  1. How does the unreal engine recognize which device is currently connected?
  2. How can I change the recognition of devices?
  3. Where i can fund more information about this issue.( i already readed all finded information concerning unreal engine sites)


ps:Im currently use both blueprint and c++.
ps2: sorry for my bad english.
ps3: I alredy asked question in answer hub. There links:

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  2. How does the unreal engine recognize which device is currently connected? - UE4 AnswerHub

The engine runs a set of rules in order that are defined inEngine\Config\BaseDeviceProfiles.ini under [/Script/AndroidDeviceProfileSelector.AndroidDeviceProfileMatchingRules].

Typically this is checking the GpuFamily and/or DeviceModel. The GpuFamily is read from the OpenGL GL_RENDERER string. You can add or override the rules in the project’s Config/DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini.

Thank you so much.