Device profiles don't work

Hi All

I have a quality’s problem when my project is on android nexus 5.

I followed this :

to do this

[Android_Adreno330 DeviceProfile]

To the test, i set bloom intensity : 5
There is too Misc > Aa Method Temporal AA

This is the result :

I don’t understant why that’s not work and i don’t know other solution.

Someone can help me ?

Thanks and sorry to my English

I am not sure if there any antialiasing for Android working now. To enable bloom, you must tick MobileHDR in Render settings. Screenspace reflection wont work, they are too heavy for mobile. Make sure you’re building appropriate texture format. ATC, ETC1, ETC2 or other. Some devices work good and fast with only one of them. Which one support yours you can check with 4 finger tap menu (if you didn’t disabled this in project settings)