Device manager don't recognizes correclty my windows version

I have noticed only now this issue but device manager don’t recognizes correclty the windows version, on device manager my PC is recognized like a windows 32bit platform, but my OS is windows 64bit!!!
this happens on both my engine version (4.11.2 and 4.12.4)


Could you please show me screenshots of what you’re describing, or provide additional information so I know exactly where to begin troubleshooting?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks. :slight_smile:

here a screenshot of my windows version and a screenshot of incriminated error

What you are seeing in the second image is the output settings for a packaged game, using UE4 from the launcher will create a 32 bit exe file.

To compile in 64 bit only, you will need to [download the source from GitHub][1] (if you get a 404 error clicking that link, please follow the instructions [on this page][2]) and build your game with 64 bit option in Visual Studio.

Forcing 64 bit will limit your potential audiance, so only do so if you absolutely need 64 bit.

Hope that helps!
[2]: Unreal Engine on GitHub

recently more game are released only for 64bit Windows OS, I have many games with this minimum requirement, so tell that build for 64bit OS limit the potential audience is debatable, all people interested in this game havd to move to a 64bit OS so build in a 32bit and run it in an emulated environment limiting the potential resource available is debatable too.
move to a 64bit environment is the future is useless remain anchored to the past.
if you tell isn’t a bug but a native option of engine distributed via installer you tell to me a very sad thing, if the only way for build for a 64bit native OS is the github version is another very sad thing to read.