Device manager bug - crash when you take these steps

Editor build 1711197

Iv set up the blueprints sidescroller sample, When I go to Play on dropdown menu > device manager > add new device > windows > device name >add It doesn’t add the device (likely because its a windows RT device or another issue in its self? or that it hasn’t found anything on the network) but then if i close the device manager and then try to open it again rocket will crash and a window pops up with.
Assertion failed: IsValid()
[File:\D\BuildFarm\buildmachine_$$depot$UE4-Rocket\engine\source\runtime\core\public\templates\sharedpointer.h] [line: 696] and then a bunch of stack address errors relating to my PC, i think its the usual stuff with .dlls

Thank you for your report. We have reproduced and logged this issue, and it is under investigation for a solution. I can say that it is not related to your particular device, but simply the action of attempting to add a device, closing the Device Manager, and re-opening.