Device Compatibility List

Hello community!

I guess we all have issues with users complaining about app crashes on Android devices… As the Android device market is HUGE , we actually don’t expect ue4 apk to run on most devices.

Am starting this Post so everyone can post his devices that can run UE4 APKs, without any issue, at least on launch (post will be constantly updated) .


its already here, and believe it or not, its impossible to grantees that all the devices that will work , the idea is the crashes could be for many reasons not just an engine issue . most of us are worry about the gpu support on mobile platform, not CPU.

however you do, sadly , you must test your app on every device if you planning to release it to globe, otherwise , push the beta version for users to test it and get the crash data to find possible fixes.

Hope this may help.

Sadly the EPIC’s compatibility list has ages to be updated, and I don’t think it will. What I want is that Android developers can have a supported device list so they can publish UE4 games to those devices only.

Check out this recent blog post from Epic where they link device compatibility for Fortnite:

I guess a good place to start - they also mention they are adding more devices as they test more.